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Why Water Consumption Is Crucial During Exercise

When I think of the fact that the human body is over 75% water it makes me wonder how we aren't just big piles of some kind of gelatinous substance. Still, the fact remains that our bodies must have water to survive and going without water for as little as three days can result in death. The problem in our modern society is that many people replace water intake with soft drinks and other less than healthy sugar filled beverages. Regardless of what some so-called experts say, these other liquids cannot take the place of water. The exact amount of water than each individual needs will vary depending upon age, weight, temperature, and amount of exercise. According to studies, the vast majority of adults are not properly hydrated.

It is crucial to the proper function of the body to have adequate water consumption. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink water then it's too late. Many people rely on this as a way to tell if they are in need of water but the fact is that by this point you have a deficit of sixteen ounces or more.

The biggest culprits in the substitution of certain beverages for water are those containing alcohol and caffeine. These beverages will actually cause more rapid fluid loss due to the diuretic effect and even though you may feel that you are getting water from these types of liquids you are really losing it nearly as quickly as you drink it. Anyone who exercises will have a higher need for water due to the body perspiring to try to cool off.

During exercise it is necessary to drink at least 24 ounces per hour of exercise. You should also drink water during the day and drink a total of about a gallon a day not counting what you drink during exercise. You should also have a glass before you go to sleep at night as your body still has a need for water while you are sleeping. This will allow you to wake up feeling better and with your body functioning as it should.

When you are sick you also have a higher requirement for liquids because your body is easily dehydrated. If you have a flu or a cold you should drink even more than normal to prevent dehydration. In order to ensure adequate hydration make it a habit to drink water daily and drink throughout the day. Don't buy into the promotions that say that other beverages are equal, there is no substitute.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about water and home water filters at http://www.waterfiltersetc.com


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