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Top quality hospitals have higher survival rates
Key points * Patients in the highest quality hospitals have 12% to 20% better survival rates. * Many improvements were made, but there's a long road ahead to reach ultimate quality goals.

Dr. Ben Carson: top surgeon's life-and-death struggle with prostate cancer - Interview
BEN Carson will never forget that day last June. The famed pediatric neurosurgeon was in the midst of a delicate brain operation when a nurse handed ...

The top 5 self-exam mistakes - Breast-Cancer Prevention Special
After recovering from my mastectomy, I had a private breast self-exam session with the nurse at my oncologist's office. She wanted to make sure I knew ...

Survey: Americans find health care lacking
Two out of three American adults (67 percent) now think healthcare coverage should be a guarantee, as in Canada, Britain, and other nations, according ...

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