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Survey: Americans find health care lacking

Two out of three American adults (67 percent) now think healthcare coverage should be a guarantee, as in Canada, Britain, and other nations, according to Americans & Health Gate Reform: How Access and Affordability Are Shaping Views, a survey of 1,020 U.S. adults conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Results for America.

The survey also found that three out of four American adults (78 percent) agree that health care is a necessity like water, gas, and electricity, and should be regulated by the government. This same share of Americans would support health insurance companies being treated like auto insurance companies that have to get permission of some states before raising premiums.

Respondents reported negative healthcare experiences lending to their views. According to the survey, half of adults have seen their healthcare coverage cut or costs increase. A third of adults who use prescription medications already buy or are planning to purchase less expensive drugs from Canada or other nations.

To read the survey, go to www.ResultsForAmerica.org, and click on "Results in Health Care."

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