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Finding Care

Guide to Finding Healthcare Information
What is the best way to find reliable healthcare information online? Finding healthcare information by making a search in search engines is easy enough…but is the healthcare information found reliable? Here are some simple answers to some very difficult questions.

Calling the Shots: Finding the Right Doctor
The key to being satisfied with your health care is the relationship you have with your doctor, and that begins with choosing a physician who is a good ...

Helping your teen pick a doctor
Even before the first of their two daughters was born, Debbie and Karl Guyer of Chesterfield, Missouri, were searching for the best pediatrician they ...

Is there a doctor in the house? How well would your company handle an emergency?
Is There a Doctor in the House? In the picture-perfect world of theatrical dance, spectators don't expect to hear that question called out from the stage. Imagine the surprise of performers and ...

Finding the Right Physician
What you should know to ensure you make the best choice. KEEPING THE SAME physician can prove more difficult than expected. During over 30 years that I've had MS, I've had numerous changes in my ...

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