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Marbella Hot Tub Benefits

Having a Hot Tub gives one many benefits and these have been known to man since time Immemorial. For many thousands of years that magical liquid water has been a great relief for many of the ailments that the fabric of life brings to us mortals. In Times long ago in Egypt, Rome, Greece & Spain it was a very normal practice to enjoy long hot soaks, not only was it considered to be a ritual but much more than that it was regarded as a health cure known to bring relief from the aches, pains and stress of life. The word Spa comes from the famous celebrated Belgian health resort, which has a natural Hot Spring and SPA is said by some to be short for "solus par aqua," and as Solus stands for Health and par for and aqua water then we seem to get in the English language "health through water." In ancient times, there were small water pools, which had warm water piped to them from natural hot springs. We still have those today but these often smell of sulphur and are not always pleasant.

The belief sometimes expressed but which I do not accept is that it is only natural hot springs that have any beneficial healing effect as the chemicals in these pools are supposed to have magical cures, but it is in fact simply just the warm water that does the trick! A modern Hot Tub with the latest fully adjustable water and air jets is in my view much superior to a natural hot spring. A Modern Hot Tub does not have that thousand-year-old setting but it is undoubtedly wonderful therapy, and the water is better for your skin. As soon as one is immersed in a Hot Tub and as you begin to enjoy the warm spa water, it causes two very beneficial physiological events to take place in your body. Firstly of these, which is a scientific fact, is that it makes the capillaries in the body to increase thereby providing an increased blood flow to through your body and of course to your skin. Naturally, an increased blood flow blood means much better circulation and of course with goes the life force that makes up the Human Body with the nutrients that we need to maintain life.

Secondly, it slightly increases your heart rate, which adds to the increased blood flow throughout your whole body. As we are made up mainly by water something like in excess of 90% is water, the fluids in our bodies are neutral (or nearly neutral) in weight. Our fluids then identify with the water in the spa (natural buoyancy) which means that the pressure of gravity on our circulatory system is much reduced. This has the effect of making the distance between your heart and your feet much less.

Although in truth, of course, this is not the case. The blood that the Chinese medicine doctor's call stagnant (really slow) is now able to move much more freely and it does so because of open capillaries (heat), and buoyancy (water). There is one very important thing that one should do to get the full benefit and that is to let go and just relax. Then the beneficial benefits of Hydrotherapy and Hydro massage help to provide respite and healing. Simply the blood flow is now in your body and not in your head, and your mind can start to slow down and relax and be in a much more peaceful state.

The author Jacuzzi John (JJ) supplies premium quality American & European Hot Tubs from Estepona on the Costa Del Sol in Spain and his web site is at Jacuzzi Marbella


Marbella Hot Tub Benefits - Having a Hot Tub provides many benefits and these have been known to man since time Immemorial.

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