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Top Acne Skincare Tips

Getting rid of acne is a lot like taking care of any health problem. Many of the best tips for skin care are simply common sense advice for good general health. Read on for some suggestions that could make you feel better and clear your skin up, too. 1. Acne is exacerbated by stress, so anything that reduces stress can help you get rid of acne.

Stress management includes getting plenty of good quality sleep, eating a healthy diet, and exercising. Exercise in particular is practically a cure-all for everything, and it is especially beneficial in the treatment of stress. Try for 30 minutes of heart-healthy aerobic exercise three or more times every week. But use a gentle touch when you shower afterwards.

There's no need to scrub your irritated skin. 2. Treat acne with natural essential oils, such as rosemary, bergamot, lavender, or tea tree oil. Look for products that contain modest amounts of essential oils, or dilute your own tea tree oil with a mild skin-friendly oil like jojoba or almond oil.

Apply this combination to your blemishes with a cotton ball or swab. There are few things in nature as healing as natural essential oils. 3. Use yogurt or acidophilus in the diet if you have been taking antibiotics for your acne.

Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, which causes other problems, like constipation. Eliminating the toxins and wastes from your body is essential to controlling acne. It's important to keep those friendly bacteria alive and well. 4. Don't pick or squeeze your pimples.

Picking can cause scars, and can increase the amount of bacteria in the pores, resulting in more acne. 5. Be careful about reintroducing bacteria to the face after you have cleansed it. One way you can do this is by using the same wash cloth or cotton balls more than once. Wash your wash cloths and get a clean one each time you cleanse your face, and throw those used cotton balls away.

Don't put your hands on your face, either, because your hands are usually loaded with bacteria unless you just washed them. 6. Cleanse your face every day with a good quality product. You might have to try several brands before you find the one that is right for you. Everyone is an individual, and some people need more moisturizing than others.

If your skin is sensitive, look for gentle natural products that are not scented. 7. Don't put off treating acne. The scars that are left by severe acne are often more heartbreaking than the zits themselves were. Act quickly to reduce the likelihood of your acne leaving scars on your face.

The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Prevention is always preferable to treatment. Acne is not an incurable condition. While it is not accurate to say that you will outgrow it, in many cases it does lessen in severity as a person gets into their twenties.

Don't let your acne keep you from having a good self image if at all possible. Think positive, take action to treat acne, and look forward to the day when those bumps will be a thing of the past.

For more information and resources on the best acne skincare treatments visit: http://www.acneskincaretreatments.com/


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