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The Lucky Croupier

The pretty young croupier looked up at her aged visitant and assisted him. The expensive casino only offered best service the more perceptive customer, which is why she enjoyed her job. She would like to get an elderly friend – after all if Anna Nicole Smith could dealt with that aim, why not she? Though she was resolute to get someone she in fact caught her eyes, the thought of laughing and having it every time was silly. So she smiled and flirted with all the 123regulars, customers, clients, clientelesometimes repelled unwelcome advances from the riskier sort of man.

For a gold digger, she was surely meticulous! after a lot of months the ideal applicant arrived at her table: he was neat, had sparkling eyes and didn’t immediately start desiring her body at the sight of her slender curves and close-fitting catlike skirt. In reality, he showed proper actions, cautious to avoid touching her by mistake and getting some data that showed an authentic curiosity on her. She started believing that she had got her aim – he was old wealthy kind and he seemed to like her – what more could she ask for?. Weeks passed and he went on visiting only her table he couldn’t progress in his flirting.

She was starting to feel disappointed was there anything else to do? Not only that but she was really beginning to enjoy his company and look forward to his appearances – could she actually be falling in love? She determined to make him interest in her and one night invited him a drink. He accepted the invitation but she saw a note of apprehension in his eyes, perhaps he had discovered her purpose of finding a sponsor! On the night she dressed to seduce him and he was clearly shocked but only kissed her decently at the end of the night. She desired him during the date that surprised her but he laughed when she tried to feel his leg under the table… “I am an aged gentleman," he smiled. “I can't deal with what you desire any more," he looked upset as if he was remembering long forgotten memories of clandestine lovers.

“My time is up.” She felt very disillusioned and realised immediately that it was no longer his richness she desired but his company and touch. She remembered that her father had suffered erectile dysfunction when he had been ill (they were a very open family!) and gave him some recommendations. He explained that generic viagra or generic cialis had supported him to improve impotence. She gave him confidence to order some on her laptop, just searching for generic viagra and generic cialis in Yahoo.

A lot of websites appeared and in no time she had blisters of generic cialis and generic viagra in the post. prepared to spend a sexy night she took a room in the casino’s hotel and prepared herself for her partner. He came but explained that it was too depressing to see her and that he was not coming back…. What a terrible situation! She asked him to come to her room for a farewell drink and he sadly agreed. she gave him some champagne and told him that she had got the solution for having sex and handed him the generic cialis pastille. Astounded he took one and they made love, chatted and sipped their champagne until, within an hour he felt something that he hadn’t experienced for a long while.

Needless to say – they shared the best sex of their lives!.

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