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The Effects of Clenbuterol

Unfortunately for the manufacturers of Clenbuterol weight loss pills, the treatment has a number of side effects which can be harmful; it is not in anyone's best interest to start this type of treatment without the express permission of a doctor. Despite the warnings, many people use it to lose weight but the decision to do this should only be made after the facts about its use are looked at and your doctor has been consulted. To date, the United States federal Drug Administration has refused to grant its use on its citizens even though it is easily obtained in most other countries. Up until quite recently the only use medicine had for Clenbuterol was for treating respiratory disorders; however, sports people discovered it helped them lose weight and develop their muscles.

However, it is more like ephedra than a traditional steroid treatment. A person using Clenbuterol will see a number of physical changes including an acceleration in their blood flow and metabolism which helps to shed fat. By getting rid of fat especially around certain areas, athletes end up with leaner muscles but to do this it has to interfere with the normal functioning of many of the body's natural hormones. This is one of the reasons for safety and specialists believe that the drug must be given in a gradual build up under the supervision of a doctor.

People who use it in weight loss pills should expect to have bad headaches, tremors and lose sleep and this is why medical supervision is so important. Furthermore, the fat burning effect only appears for three or four weeks after which the body enters a stagnation period and this is why those who take Clenbuterol to treat obesity make a pause of a month or so before starting another cycle. If you are considering using this weight loss method then be aware that most experts in this subject consider it a dangerous form of weight loss.

This is why a person who is considering using it as a weight loss treatment needs to be informed about the problems it can cause. Even though Clenbuterol comes with many dangerous side-effects it continues to be popular amongst people desperate to lose weight the easy way so it may be around for some time yet. If people took their physical well-being more seriously by eating healthily and took regular exercise, there would be no need to use drugs that have serious side-effects. Yes it works, but consider the long term implications to your health before seeing your doctor about using it.

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