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Step CounterCycle To Break The Panic Attack Worsening Cycle

Most of the people who suffer from anxiety events have less success in getting their way out. Without truly addressing the root cause of the event, people have a hard time finding a proper and effective solution. In almost all cases of general anxiety, sufferers are frequently faced with unwanted thoughts that flood their minds. These unwanted thoughts play an extremely important role in our minds and usually it comes from our daily junkies. It ranges from personal health, concern of a loved one, career performance and more. These thoughts will never develop on its' own.

People themselves bring them into their mind unintentionally. Without proper handling, it could result in a major traumatic event. Sometimes, these unwanted and intrusive thoughts come from previous agonizing experience that is etched in our mind. Others are simply bizarre, leaving a person with such feelings for unknown reasons. In all these cases, a person is upset by the unwanted thinking because they are always distressed and worried.

Usually, there are a few ways that people often use to deal with these anxiety problems. These common ways being use are ineffective and it could lead you to another anxiety cycle. o Take no Action Unlike real life problems that we're facing every single day, anxiety is a kind of imaginary event.

Most of the people have the perception that they have little or no control of what their mind is doing, and therefore causing more pain as time passes by. Letting these thoughts flow and creep through our mind, the anxious feeling will never fade away unless the cause of the unwanted thoughts is treated. Every day-in and day-out, the victim lives under a suffocating atmosphere and therefore a higher level of anxiety is gradually built.

o Avoid the feelings Frankly speaking, avoiding the root cause is the most incorrect action. When the victim senses danger, they probably try to avoid such unwanted thoughts or specific locations which will make them feel anxious. Doing it this way is like setting up fences to get protected from out-coming intruders thus also restricting your area of activity. Sub-consciously, the person will develop a higher intensity of fear and anxiety in order to feel safe and sound over time. Hence, recurring anxiety will appear when they to try the most to avoid it.

o Suppress the feeling When it comes to unbearable distressing feelings, suppressing it will only intensify the sensation. It has proven that the very act of trying to suppress a thought, only results in a higher frequency of unwanted intrusive thoughts occurring. This reoccurrence of the thought has been termed the 'rebound effect'. Simply put: the more you try suppressing a thought, the more the unwanted thought keeps popping up (rebounding). Instead of avoiding, suppressing or ignoring the unwanted thoughts, there are a few proven ways that you should try: o Thinking - Decide your reaction "It's impossible to fully control what goes through our minds, but the least we can do is control how we react to it." What I mean is to change the way you react to those unwanted thoughts.

Instead of thinking: "Oh my god, how am I going to handle this?" Take a little twist, you'll find a tremendous difference when you think: "Its going to be alright, someone surely has done it before" or "It's time to take on a new challenge in my life." The key is to be optimistic (positive thinking). There are many uncertain events happening around us everyday. We can't avoid from facing the problem but we are able to change our perspectives. This is the best way to cope with major distressing events.

o Action - Practical solution Instead of drowning within the fearful thoughts, it is wise however to do some practical planning. Shift your mind to the solution instead of the problem. Write down all the possible solutions that you able to think of and make it into a list like below: (e.g.

: Jobs deadline) 1. Work overnight 2. Ask for extension 3.

Ask for help 4. . Then you'll notice that there are always solutions to the problem you're facing.

Of course, there must be obstacles to every success. Analyze the problem; understand the obstacle and wait no more. take solid action! o Habit - Change your habit You might have wondered why some people seem to be more susceptible to worries and unwanted intrusive thoughts while some people are born to be free of such events. In reality, both groups of people are bombarded with the same array of anxious thoughts, but the difference is that the latter will not react to it with strong fearful emotions or thoughts. In nature, they're able to dismiss the thoughts or laugh it off and have a sense of trust that things will work out just fine.

While the former group of people may feel that they are by nature an anxious person and that they will always react with fear to these thoughts because they have done so for many years. That is not the case. Continuous or obsessive anxious thinking is a behavioral habit, and just like any habit it can be unlearned. Notice that the ways I mentioned are closely bonded to each other. Thinking =} Action =} Habits =} Lead to new thinking =} Taking new action =} New habits =} .

It is an endless process similar to the natural cycle of life. By improving or mastering any manner of the cycle, the following manners will experience reaction in nature. For instance: You know that jogging is good for your health and also helps weight loss. Without taking any action, you're not able to see any effects out of it.

Once you get yourself started, you lose the problem of obesity. And slowly after that, jogging may turn out to be one of your habits in maintaining a healthy life. See the effects? The Mind Is The Limit.

Keng Yong, Ong & Kam Meng, Mok are the co-authors of the free ebook "Stress No More" which is available for download at his blog. Visit his blog about personal development and the power of mind at http://www.brainszone.com


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