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Muscle Building Fat Burning Bodyweight Exercises

Interested in finally geting in shape this summer? Don't skip the barbecue's or the beach this summer. Fit in that bathing suit hanging in your closet. Grab the bathing suit you've been thinking of.

Read the entire article and transform your body this Summer from frumpy to fit. Bodyweight exercises are multi joint movements which work multiple muscles and burn a lot of calories which means alot more fat. Also by putting more muscle on your body you'll increase your metabolism. This occurs because muscle is metabolically active tissue. Muscle doesn't lay dormant.

Muscle burns calories even when you sleep, ensuring your problem areas melt off leaving your body toned and tightened. This is in contrast to exercises that are single joint movements which work one muscle at a time. If you're someone who works hard at the gym you might as well get your money's worth. Work multi- joint movements and burn more fat. Stay away from single joint movements such as Bicep curls, Leg extensions(machines- that's a whole other topic) e.

t.c Leave the single joint movements to bodybuildrs who are only interested in building muscle at the expense of function. If fat loss is your main goal then multi- joint, entire body exercises should be the direction you're moving in. Here are 3 Muscle Building Bodyweight exercises 1. Push-ups- An incredible upperbody bodyeight movement which emphasizes the chest, shoulders, and triceps, along with core involvement.

This exercise is performed with body off the floor lower yourself to floor and press your body off floor. Can be modified by starting with knees on floor. 2. Squats- incredible lower body exercise which emphasizes quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Basically works the whole body which makes this exercise agreat calorie burner.

Have your feet shoulder width apart look straight ahead initiate movement by extending hips down and back to parallel with the floor and return to starting position 3. Plank - this exercise is a full body movement with emphasis on core. Perform exercise by lying face down on floor and lifting body off ground with lower arms and feet.

Bridge the body off floor, weight from body will be sustained with lower arms and toes. These 3 exercises are a good start to a successful exercise program. Stay with multi-joint exercises. Steer clear from machines, and single joint movements. Enjoy your new body.

Urgent: You don't have to be skinny forever. Learn what the experts don't want you to know. http://www.buildmuscleburnfatfast.com


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