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Liver Failure Treatments and Cirrhosis of the liver

Liver is the main organ in the body. Liver failure results in impairment of many functions we take for granted. Liver failure mostly arises slowly, over many years, but its progression is usually unnoticed. It can happen from infections, cancer, alcohol or other toxic substances, and genetic causes. The hepatic failure is the inability of the liver to perform its normal functions and metabolic synthesis. Hepatic impairment results in the degradation of many features that we take for granted.

This raises the most hepatic insufficiency slowly, over many yearsThere are two forms (the hepatic acute and chronic hepatic), liver failure. The acute liver failure (ALF) is a rare condition in which the rapid deterioration of the results of liver function. Symptoms The initial symptoms of liver failure are often ones that can be due to any number or conditions. Because of this, liver failure may be initially difficult to diagnose.

Early symptoms include: * Nausea * Loss of appetite * Fatigue * Diarrhea Treatment Chronic Hepatic impairment usually occurs in the context of cirrhosis. In a chronic liver failure, impairment of health can be very gradual until a dramatic event, such as bleeding varices (large, tortuous veins), occurs.Treatment depends on the cause and clinical manifestations . Consumption of protein is carefully controlled. Low Sodium consumption is kept to help keep from the accumulation of ascitic fluid in the abdomen.

The best way to prevent liver failure is to reduce the risk of developing cirrhosis or hepatitis. Eat a healthy diet from all food groups. Do not share any personal toiletry items, including toothbrushes and razors.

Treatment depends on the cause, but may include: * Rest * Avoiding alcohol and any drugs that might damage the liver * A well-balanced, nutritious diet ? some people require a modified diet (for example, low salt) * Medications, such as antiviral drugs to treat viral infections * Specific medications to manage Wilson's disease.

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