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How to cope with age related illness and disease

If you have been informed that you have an aging illness like cancer or heart disease, it goes with out saying it can be hard to cope with both physically and emotionally.It can be a time of confusion, you'll want to take control of your age related illness but maybe don't know where to turn first. There will be good and bad days and you'll often feel like giving up. Remember if your like the majority of people you'll have friends and family who really care about you, and when you decide to give up trying to fight the disease you'll be quiting on them as well. How to help yourself through cancer or heart disease or serious illness: What you must do as quickly as possible is acknowledge you are sick.

This wil be difficult to bear with at first but it is important so you can plan ahead and consider with guidance your next steps. This will make it easier to move on and help you come to terms with the treatment or consequences of not treating the illness.This can be a very worrying time but it does not mean you cannot helped. You'll find the Internt a usefull resource for information about your condition.

Knowing more will help with your understanding of the disease infact you will probably find ideas, tips and even possible cures on your disease. You can discuss things with your doctor and learn more.One you can accept the effects and consequences of you illness you can continue to live life as normally as possible.

How is your illness likey to effect you emotionally? Much will be down to the gravity of the illness and the prognosis of recovery. You'll almost certainly experience periods of depression and loneliness and also there will be times you'll feel overwhelmed and being controlled by everyone. How would I get a second opinion? You'll probably want another doctors opinion when diagnosed with a serious illness. Your family doctor will be able to make suggestions and even refer you to another specialist.

Although a second opinion is always worthwhile you might not feel at ease with every doctor. It is also suggested to get that opinion from a qualified expert in the specific illness you have been told you have. You might find that doctors views vary and you should be prepared for difference of opinion and prognosis. What can I do to help myself? We can all choose to help ourselves in some small way. By following the adviceof people like dieticians and maybe taking supplements or vitamins to increase the bodies ability to fight the illness. Another good way of coping is to join and take part in support groups.

These are people who understand what you are going through and can offer help when things seem too much. Stick to all your appointments with doctors. Stay on top of any treatment or tests you may be undergoing. Keep in touch with your doctor and his staff to help you stay positive and in control. When you feel sad take a talk even brief walk around the house. This will help you stay positive and strong.

By taking part in a support group of people who understand what you are going through can be a great help. No understands you better than friends who have to cope with the same situation you find yourself in. At group meeting you'll find a listenig ear which will help you deal with things better. If you don't want to go out and be around your friends then why not get a pet as a friend they can help you though this as well they will walk with you and play with you and be your best friend though all of this.

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