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Finding The Perfect Elliptical Trainer For You

You've decided to get into shape, and you believe an elliptical machine is the right equipment for you. But you may be wondering how to find the best machine to fit your needs. There are a lot of options out there, and a wide range of features and prices.

Take the time to evaluate your needs and budget, and you should be able to narrow down your choices until you find the machine that will give you everything you need at a price you can afford. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you make the right decision. How much do you plan to spend? - You can buy an elliptical trainer for less than $200, or you can spend $5000 on one. This is one case where my recommendation is to buy the most expensive one you can afford. Less expensive machines are lower quality, and will give you a choppy ride.

Plus, they just don't have the durability of more expensive models. When Consumer Reports rated elliptical trainers, every machine that they rated a "very good" buy cost at least $1100. How varied do you need to make your workout? - Elliptical machines have a pretty wide range of features. Most elliptical trainers can be reversed for working different muscles in your legs, and most have poles that you can use to get an upper body workout. Many have pre-programmed workouts that will give you a full workout with a warm-up and cool down, and comes in multiple intensity levels. Higher end models tend to have more pre-programmed workouts, and an adjustable incline.

Knowing how you plan to workout, and what workout features are important to you will help narrow down your choices. What features do you want? - Is it important for you to be able to monitor your heart rate? Take your pulse? How about knowing your distance traveled and speed? These and other features like how many calories you've burned, and even the temperature of the room you're in can be displayed on your elliptical trainer. Decide which of the features are most important and target your search to those.

How many people will be using the machine? - This is an important question because it can guide you to machines that are more suitable for multiple users, if that's what you need. For instance, some machines have an adjustable stride length, and others have a set stride length. Machines with a set stride likely will have a stride too short for a very tall person. And, every machine has a maximum weight capacity for users. On some machines, it is as low as 250 pounds, on others it is as high as 350. How much warranty do you require? - Some machines come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and up to one-year parts and labor.

Others have only a parts and labor warranty, and sometimes it is as short as 90 days. How much space do you have? - Higher end, gym type machines can take up a lot of room in your house, and will need a permanent home. Others can fold away for storage. Deciding where the machine will be placed can help determine which machine is right for you.

How much size can you tolerate? - Elliptical trainers can weigh as little as 90 pounds, or as much as 250 pounds. If you need to be able to move your machine around, this can be a big concern. On the other hand, if you have a home gym, size may not be a concern. Determining your answers to these questions should put you well on your way to narrowing down your choices of equipment.

Once you have an idea of three or four models of interest, be sure to read a few elliptical trainer reviews before you buy. Then, make your choice and start shopping around for the best deal. Happy shopping!.

Mike Singh is a fitness instructor, who provides unbiased health & fitness products reviews and elliptical trainers reviews for consumers looking for quality information. Checkout the largest collection of brand-name elliptical trainer reviews,and low carb diet recipes online!


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