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Acne Medication Cure and Medication Product

Acne medication has been very famous for many years and, in fact, even in those days when there was no technology to create medicines scientifically, natural healing medicines were used to cure acne. In those days, acne was believed to be a skin disease caused by the weather or environmental changes. And in many countries, they used natural therapy found in leaves and flowers to heal this problem. Nowadays, the range of this acne medication has expanded beyond the reach of our eyes. There are just too many in the market and, in fact, when you go to a pharmacy or department store to get one, you might just get confused looking at the many variants and you might get lost in choices. The Many Types Of Medications And Treatments There are many different types of prescription medications used to cure or prevent acne itself.

For mild to average cases, topical acne medication can be used by applying on the skin to cure the problem. For cases beyond mild and average, or simply severe, systemic acne medication may be used. This type of medicine basically is used internally or taken orally.

This would include hormonal prescriptions and so on. This type of medication is very good in countering the problem, because they go to the root of the problem itself, without leaving any side effect. In certain case, some dermatologists use both methods to cure acne, which according to them a dual-way cure that works faster and more efficient. Some famous acne medication that can be found with dermatology related treatments would include Interlesional Corticosteroid Injection, Isotretinoin, Oral Antibiotics, Topical Retinoids, Topical Antimicrobials, Oral Contraceptives and many more. Each acne medication has its own method of attacking the specific factor which leads to the specific acne problem on different individuals.

Of the listed ones, Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most famous, which falls under the Topical Antimicrobial category. This chemical works by killing the factors which lead to acnes, and reducing the oiliness on the skin. This chemical can basically be found in any acne medication, because it is proven to be very effective. Any gel, lotion, cleanser, cream and wash that are found to be with this chemical is said to increase the effectiveness of some medicines, such as erythromycin and clindamycin too, which are some other known acne medication chemicals. Just like any other type of acne medication, the products containing this chemical can be found in any pharmacy or departmental store, and the best part is that this chemical can also be found to be on its own in some places.

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