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What Are The Best Supplements? The One's That Work!

While there is no doubt that nutritional diet vitamin supplements have a significant and important role to play in your health – the only way to see a real health benefit is if you follow some very basic rules of nutrition.

There’s a four-fold benefit of following these simple rules:

  1. You will most likely lose weight (or gain weight if you need to).
  2. You will definitely start to feel better and have more energy.
  3. You will save money AND
  4. You will reach your health goals within 90 days.

Following these guidelines will ensure maximum health benefits from taking your nutritional diet vitamin supplements by reducing the damage caused by free radicals and by reducing maximising the intake and reducing the loss of essential nutrients.

These simple guidelines are as follows:

    Increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables.
  • Increase your intake of water – at least 10 glasses per day (more if you live in a hot climate/sweat a lot).
  • Increase your intake of protein and eggs (egg are the complete protein containing more amino acids and vitamins than any other food except whey).
  • Increase your intake of omega 3 essential fatty acids from fish oil (from deep sea fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and trout) and flax seed oil.
  • Drink more water.
  • Reduce your intake of processed carbohydrates – sugar, cakes, biscuits etc. And also reduce your intake of other sources of natural sugar – i.e. fruit, potatoes and rice.
  • Don’t eat burned meat – cook it slow to medium rare.
  • Reduce or eliminate fried foods and all sources of hydrogenated vegetable oils – particularly margarine. Use extra virgin olive oil sparingly and butter in place of margarine.
  • No carbonated drinks of any kind and reduce your intake of caffeine to a cup per day at the most – switch to herbal tea as a substitute.
  • At least 20 – 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 4 times per week.
The 90 Essential Nutrients

There are at least 90 essential nutrients the body needs to maintain itself in peak physical condition. An essential nutrient is defined as a nutrient the body cannot make – we must consume it – and without it we may suffer a disease. This includes 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, amino acids and at least 2 (omega 3) essential fatty acids.

Whether you are trying to improve your health with nutritional diet vitamin supplements or prevent or reverse a health challenge, it is important you first follow the guidelines mentioned above.

Secondly, instead of purchasing nutrients one at a time, look for high quality multi-vitamin, multi-mineral complexes along with a reliable source of essential fatty acids. By taking all of the nutrient supplements together you ensure that the body keeps itself in balance as each nutrient requires other nutrients to make them work.

The only time you would ever take nutritional diet vitamin supplements in the form of a single mineral or vitamin (a very expensive way to do it) is if you were advised to do this by a naturopath, homeopath or health care practitioner with experience in nutrition.

Recommended nutritional diet vitamin supplements

  • All 90 essential nutrients.
  • Digestive enzymes – to improve absorption if you are over 40 or suffering any health challenge.
  • Selenium antioxidant supplement – the most powerful of the antioxidants and involved in cancer risk reduction.

Now while there are many other nutritional diet vitamin supplements we could recommend, this is where you should start on your way to feeling better. No matter what your health challenge, if you take the 90 nutrients and follow our health guidelines, you will feel better in less than 90 days.

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